• Provide coaching to professionals and executives
  • Design and implement mentoring and peer coaching initiatives 
  • Performance management & succession planning consultation
  • Design performance management systems 
  • Design and facilitate training programs
  • On-call advice on handling difficult employment situations
  • Decipher EEO and employment laws for practical business applications

​Talent management

  • Develop or update employee handbooks
  • Conduct employment practice risk assessments
  • Review and assess recruiting and hiring practices
  • Develop talent acquisition and recruiting strategies 

Diversity and Inclusion

Rj Harris & Associates

Affirmative action

equal employment

  • Develop and conduct affirmative action training

  • Provide OFCCP audit technical support for Federal Contractors 

  • Advise on implementation of affirmative action programs


  • Develop comprehensive diversity strategies

  • Design diversity and inclusion training programs

  • Develop, expand, and provide guidance for business resource groups

  • Complete external diversity surveys

  • Create internal and external diversity communication strategies